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The Intuitive Leap: From FinTech to Wellness Entrepreneurship

Learn about how I made the bold decision to say goodbye to the fast-paced FinTech industry and big, consistent paychecks in pursuit of aligning my career with purpose, fulfillment and joy. This is my story of courage, transformation, and the relentless chase for a life of authentic alignment.

Since 2019, I have been growing my health coaching business, helping hundreds of women heal their digestion and balance their hormones, all while working a full-time demanding job in FinTech. I continued to tell myself that I was fine, and could balance it all, but as the years progressed, and as I became a mother, that little voice continued to become louder and louder until I was forced to make a change.

It feels surreal to be here right now sharing my heart and journey with you today-- directly from a place of deep reflection and immense transition.

For the past decade, my professional life was "a massive success" to the outside world. I climbed the ladder, fast, achieved coveted titles before the age of 30. Yet, despite all of the external achievements, I continued to feel disconnected and unfulfilled.

The irony is that I coach my clients on this exact truth every single day, and that truth is: health goes beyond the food we put on our plate-- it is a cumulation of the health of our relationships, career, finances and spirituality.

When one, or more of these critical "non-food factors" is out of balance, your health will suffer. And here I was, not taking my own advice.

The decision to leave my comfortable tech job was not an easy one. It has been a tug-of-war between the head and heart-- from the ego, and what I truly love. The reality was, I realized that I could no longer supplement my way out of the toxic lifestyle I was living by staying in a job that was no longer serving me.

The turning point for me was when I returned back from maternity leave after having our second child in June 2023. During maternity leave, my business had grown more in the 4 months I was on leave than it ever had in 4 years. I hesitantly returned back to work, and told myself I would take it one month at a time.

"I realized that I could no longer supplement my way out of the toxic lifestyle I was living by staying in a job that was no longer serving me." – Katie Duda

One month turned into 12 months, despite that inner voice getting louder and louder. I continued to punt the decision, and told myself, "when xyz happens, then I will." But the truth is, it will never feel like the circumstances are perfectly lined up in your favor. There will never be someone to come a give you permission to go after your goals and dreams.

There will be nudges, whispers, doors closed, or opened.... but, it is up to YOU to have the courage to boldly listen, lean in, and make the change.

Life is too short to not follow what lights you up inside. And for me, that is all about helping others feel their best, physically, emotionally, and mentally. It has been a wild realization that my job, despite being great on paper, was actually holding me back from fully stepping into this career that feels so right.

Today marks a big shift for me - my very last day in tech. While it is scary, I am met with a profound sense of peace and liberation. I have so many ideas and plans for this year, and now I finally have the time and space to bring them to life.

So, thank you. Thank you for being here, for listening, and for being such an incredibly supportive community. This community, our little corner of the internet, means the world to me. I'm so excited to continue to show up and serve you on this next chapter.

Here's to new beginnings, following our hearts, and making every day count. xx

Does this resonate?

If you have felt a calling placed on your heart, but you have been too scared to take action, take a listen to this podcast episode where I unpack the science behind emotional stress, and how it impacts our overall health and well-being. This may be the nudge you need to find the courage to do the thing you have been putting off.

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