Katie spent the first chunk of her career in the consumer electronics industry as a Product Buyer for successful large organizations. After 4 years of climbing quickly within her organizations, and after going through her own health scare journey, she realized she was extremely passionate about helping her co-workers enhance their productivity and overall happiness through various lifestyle and food hacks. After several of her co-workers shared their success stories with her, she knew that she needed to somehow find a way to make this a career. 


Because Katie spent years in the high-stress corporate setting with deadlines to hit and budgets to exceed, she also developed a passion for educating clients on the detriments of chronic stress, especially on the gut. Katie decided to take her passion to the next level by attending the world's largest nutrition school, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and graduated in May of 2019. 

Since then, Katie coaches clients 1:1, specifically working with women who struggle with chronic stress and digestive issues. She recently graduated from an advanced Gut Health Course to deepen her knowledge and focus on gut health. Clients typically come to Katie because she provides an extremely safe space for them to feel heard, and because she goes the extra mile to make sure they feel supported as they conquer their individual health goals. Because Katie has battled an eating disorder, gut issues, and chronic stress, she can really relate to a lot of the struggles her clients come to her with which deepens the connection instantly.


A girl with a mission to inspire others to discover, embrace & LOVE their raw and authentic self

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