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About Katie

**Meet Katie: Your Partner in Holistic Health**

Hi there! I'm Katie, a certified nutritionist and gut health coach, and an Integrative Health Practitioner. More than that, I'm a mother of two littles who has been exactly where you are now: struggling with bloating, stubborn weight, and a lack of energy that just never seemed to lift.


After years of dealing with my own health issues-- from digestive distress, anxiety, low libido, and absent periods, I turned to functional medicine. The journey not only healed me, but gave me a mission: To help women like you find the root cause of their hormonal and digestive issues and help them heal without feeling deprived or restricted. 

**What I Do **

I specialize in helping women in their 30's and 40's who are "doing it all", yet are held back by their debilitating symptoms. Using a root-cause approach, and state of the art at-home lab testing, I focus on optimizing your hormones and gut health through personalized nutrition and lifestyle changes. This means no more guessing games or one-size-fits-all solutions. Just real, sustainable strategies tailored to your unique body and life. 

**Why It Works **

The key to lasting health is not just treating the symptoms; it's about understanding and addressing the underlying issues. Whether it's digestive disorders, chronic stress, or confusion over what to eat, I'm here to help guide you through simplifying and solving these challenges. Together, we'll transform your health so you can finally feel energized, balanced, and truly THRIVE.

My credentials as an Integrative Health Practitioner and Holistic Health Coach specializing in digestion are only part of the story. The true measure of my work is reflected in the lives transformed -- the countless women who have reclaimed their energy, ditched stubborn weight, and decreased their bloating. 

Hear the voices, witness their journeys, and know that this path is not only possible, but waiting for you: 

- "Katie changed my life... I'm sleeping better and feel more balanced than ever." – Whitney

- "Eating well feels easy and natural now, thanks to Katie." – Kristen

- "With Katie's help, I've regained my strength and confidence postpartum." – Marianne

- "Katie's guidance was invaluable in improving my health and getting my period back on track." – Madison

- "I've learned so much and made sustainable changes that have dramatically improved my well-being." – Hayley

- "I would recommend Katie to anyone who is struggling with disordered eating, gut issues, or post partum recovery! She won't just be your health coach -- she'll be your advocate and support system as you move along your health journey. You can tell that Katie truly cares about her clients as people, and she will truly show up for you." - Marianne 

Katie Duda is a certified nutritionist who helps women heal thier gut naturally.


A girl with a mission to inspire others to discover, embrace & LOVE their raw and authentic self

Gut health

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