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About Katie

Hi there! I'm Katie, a certified nutrition and digestive Health Coach, Integrative Health Practitioner, mama to 2 littles, and on a mission to help women reclaim their health by optimizing their hormones and digestion.

As someone who experienced debilitating digestive issues, anxiety, low libido, and irregular periods for decades, I was extremely frustrated by the gaslighting I received from countless medical professionals, and bounced around from specialist to specialist. I decided to take matters into my own hands and made the leap to go back to school to study functional medicine. 


Years later, I was able to heal through targeted supplements, eating more foods I was previously restricting, and changed the way I was exercising in order to work with my ever-changing hormones rather than against them. Now I help other women in their 30’s and 40’s get to the root cause of their hormonal and digestive imbalances without deprivation or restriction. 


The main reasons I see why women are not flourishing today are due to digestive disorders, anxiety, chronic stress, and confusion about what the best diet is to support them.


I take a root cause approach, rather than just treating your symptoms. Meaning, we work to peel back the layers of the onion to get to the center of what is causing your disease. I believe everything is connected, and more often than not, health imbalances begin in the gut microbiome. 


I don’t just want to fix your health problems, but set you on the path of success where you can learn for yourself how to nourish your bodies, minds, and souls in order to flourish.


My entire mission is to help educate you on the lifestyle and nutrition fundamentals that work with your body so that you can start living in complete authentic alignment and see how amazing life is when your body is fully healed.



A girl with a mission to inspire others to discover, embrace & LOVE their raw and authentic self

Gut health

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