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Katie Duda is a certified nutritionist who helps women heal thier gut naturally.

Online Health 


What we'll work on

  • Get to the root cause and heal your digestive issues- say goodbye to bloat, brain fog & chronic fatigue.

  • Understand your baseline sex + stress hormones through simple, at-home lab testing.

  • Create safety in your body through diet, lifestyle & targeted supplements.

  • Develop a new and healthy relationship with food.

  • discover the optimal type of exercise depending on your body types.

  • Educate you on food labels and become an expert on ingredients and the implications of certain ingredients

  • Educate you on how to build your plate to nourish your body, optimize your hormones, and balance your blood sugar.

Services and Support



Free Health Consult

During this 15 minute phone chat, I will ask high level questions to understand your goals and objectives, health concerns, and ultimately determine if we will be a good fit. 

Note, I will not be providing any health advice with the free consult, as that is for paying clients only. 


Blood Work + Initial Consult Call and Support

This comprehensive consultation is for new clients who are desiring specific recommendations for hormonal imbalance, preconception, pregnancy or postpartum with initial blood testing.


Comprehensive Packages

 These packages are for anyone who is committed to improving their health and vitality. At-home lab testing is included with both of these packages, along with either 6 or 12 private coaching sessions with me, tailored recipes and supplements for the individual, and ongoing e-mail and chat support throughout the duration of the program.

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